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Where to get your RV weighed

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There are a number of posts on FMCA forum and on many of the different RV forums on the Internet that point out the advantage of learning the load on each individual tire position but we all know that it isn't easy to find those locations. The alternative is to find a scale big enough to weigh each axle on your RV or tow vehicle and apply a margin of error calculation

Here is a website for CAT truck stop scale locations.

Certified truck scales can be found here.

Another locator of scales.

You can also use the internet to find local building supply houses or grain elevators or sand & gravel pits that might also have large scales.

Knowing the total load on an axle does not tell you how much un-balance side to side you have on each axle and your goal is to ensure your tires are not overloaded/underinflated.

Obviously, there are only a small portion of the RVs out there that have a perfect side to side load balance, so it is suggested that we assume that one end of an axle has a higher portion of the load. There are suggestions to use various percentages ranging from 51% to 60%. The higher percentage is the most conservative but can create other problems. Personally, I have been suggesting a compromise and that we calculate 53%.

So we can go to any truck scale, learn the actual load on each axle when the vehicle is at the anticipated heaviest weight apply our calculated safety margin figure, look up the minimum inflation needed to support that load and then confirm the inflation is sufficient to support the heavier end load.

There are other things to be considered when trying to learn your personal proper cold tire inflation and those considerations are covered in other posts.


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Good information tireman9.  In just less than a year I have went across the scales twice.  It is easy, cheap, and painless to do at almost any truck stop where you are getting fuel.  I would like a 4 corner weight sometime but wouldn't pay a lot or go out of my way to get one.  If I come across a place doing them and it is convenient I'll have it done. 

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When in the southwest quadrant of Arizona take a trip up to Lake Havasu. Weigh-to-Go resides there and was very reasonable at the 25th Safari Anniversary Party. I plan to call him this winter and have my Panther weighed.

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