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FMCA Verizon Plan - "On and Off" Options

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  Before I talk to a series of Verizon rep's about this just wondering - I was told when we got our plan last April that I could turn it on and off whenever I wanted/needed to. We got the plan to use for extended travel which did not work out. We used it for 2 months, got the free 3-month suspension and now will be charged the $10 per month suspension charge if we want to keep the acct active (ouch?). I plan to turn it back on next week for a 1-2 month trip and then turn it back off. Has anyone tried doing this "rapid" on/off thing?  I realize this is not typical but just assessing our options.

FMCA 155625
2005 Mandalay DP
2012 Honda CRV

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