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I am very interested in taking an RV tech course.  The purpose would simply be to be able to diagnose and fix many of the problems I run across on a weekly basis as we travel the country full time.

I'd love to attend the 10 week course in Clearwater Florida, RV Technical Training. The advantage to this course is I'd assume since it's a 10 week course it is pretty thorough. Another advantage to this course it is approved by the VA so my GI Bill will pay for it.  The disadvantage is my travel schedule with our radio station (Radio Trop Rock) prevents me from being able to stand still for 10 weeks in a row.  We are booked out to early 2020.... so, right now, I intend to keep an eye on the class schedule and possibly attend in 2020.

Here is the link to the 10 week course in Clearwater FL:



There is a 5 day course in Athens Texas. The advantage to this course is, since it's only 5 days, and we are based out of Texas, I can squeeze this course into our busy schedule. The disadvantage is my GI Bill will NOT cover this course. It will be 100% out of pocket.

Here is the link to the 5 day course:



I've done some "google research" and I can't find any other "hands on" RV Tech courses.  Does anyone have any they may know about?


While I'd prefer "hands on" if I could find an online / distance learning course my GI Bill would cover I'd consider that.


Any suggestions?





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