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Slide Issue, Brand Specific Forum Helps

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Like many full time RVers, and probably most regular RVers, I browse more than one forum.  Different RV forums serve different purposes/needs for me.  I have only owned three different brands but I always try to seek out the best brand specific forum for my current RV and stay active on it.  It has always served me well and probably saved me thousands of dollars by sharing information with folks who have the same RV as me.

The last 2 stops our kitchen slide would not extend.  Yesterday we arrived at a CG early so I posted the issue on my brand specific forum and then went out to start trouble shooting.  After tightening bolts and doing general slide maintenance I came back in and checked the forum.  Three folks had basically told me how to fix it, shut my battery switch off, wait one minute, turn it back on and hold the kitchen slide extend button.  It worked perfectly!

Now I'm not saying someone on here or another forum may not have come up with this exact correct answer for my current coach.  However thanks to my brand specific forum I had the answer in about 30 minutes.  

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