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Well I guess in short ...hit the road full time in an RV. This is the first time we have owned any type of camper and for the most part we have only taken trips by motorcycle and camped in a tent or stayed at mom & pop motels. My wife is nurse and decided to give travel nursing a try to spend some time seeing the country and helping out hospitals that are in need of  caregivers. I was a self employed builder for 20 plus years so i hope to pick up some work as we travel about. We are currently renting our house and purchased a 1994 Safari Serengeti to become our mobile tiny house and after 6 months of renovations we hit the road in September for her first contract. We have both learned a great deal from forums like this and of course you tube videos on endless tips for tv'ing. ( those tips are priceless mostly for us newbies) We still enjoy our motorcycles so we tow a pick up behind the coach with our bikes on board. We just joined fmca and look forward to meeting other members as we poke along around the US!

Hal and Dianne

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