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what supplemental brake system

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There is no "here is the best systems" choice for all motorhome/toad combinations.

Tell us what motorhome you have and what you are towing.  Also, how long do you intend to keep this particular coach/toad.

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I've had the NSA Ready Brake system for many years and I've used it on at least a couple different MHs and towed vehicles.  It's comparatively low cost, simple and proportional.  Right now I have a couple of cars ready to tow.  It's a cable system that pulls on the towed vehicle brake pedal.  The harder the stop, the harder it pulls on the brake pedal.  I've got an LED on the dash that's powered by the towed vehicle brake lights and lets me know when brakes are being applied - new models are a little different and simpler. 

See http://www.readybrake.com/  for details.

Here's the system I use:  http://www.readybrake.com/store/p1/ReadyBrake™_Towed_Vehicle_Receiver_Style_Supplemental_Brake_System.htm
I pair that with the emergency brake package just in case of a break away:

In Dash Monitor Lights


You can look up a dealer/installer near you on their website or like myself, you can order the parts and install it yourself.  Amazon will ship it to you or you can order through the NSA website.

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I'm confused.  You have been a member of this Forum, since the year it started, 2009!  With your low F#, unless it has a S, D, GS or GD behind it, you should know more about Towing/Brakes, than 70% of the members! :blink::huh: MHO

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