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2018 Ford Edge SEL tail light issue

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I have a 2018 Ford Edge SEL that is towed behind my 2018 Tiffin Allegro Red 33aa.  The local Ford dealer installed the Roadmaster base plate and necessary wiring for lighting, battery charging and breakaway switch.  They also set up the Roadmaster Nighthawk tow bar between Coach and Edge and the RVi3 brake system.

What I have discovered is that when I turn on the coach head/tail lights, the rear tail lights on the Edge do not turn on,  only the rear side marker lights turn on.  I had the Ford dealer check into this and they discovered that the rear light module in the Edge, will not allow the cable connection from the coach, illuminate the rear tail lights and only the side marker lights.  However, the brake and turn signal lights work fine.  They said that this is the same for 2017 to 2019 Ford Edge models and no solution for resolving this problem.

Could not find this issue documented, in my owners manual or any of the 4 down towing publications.

My question:  What have other 2017 to 2019 Ford Edge owners done to provide rear tail light illumination for nighttime towing?



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I added led lights in my tail lights for when I was towing my CRV. I think I got them from Blue Ox. I did not want to tie into the regular electrical circuit.


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