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Coach: 2014 Itasca Ellipse 42qd


So, one night our dog decides to look out the window next to the passenger seat while we are at an event.

Guess what is on the ledge right under that window?  The power lock button for the door.  


We normally lock our door with the top lock key.... the bottom lock is the one that the power lock controls... so, we have no key to that lock outside the coach.... We are LOCKED OUT!

We call a locksmith and he comes out.... knows nothing about RVs... and we are tired and need in our RV. (it's 2am)……  So, he destroys the bottom lock (see picture below)….. and we get the pleasure of paying him $120 as a "thank you" for doing that.  But, we do get into the coach.  

I make a call to Winnebago  and it just so happens they don't sell just the part the guy destroyed... I have to purchase the entire door handle assembly.... I think it was $260 give or take a few bucks...

It was a pretty easy install.... it took me a couple of hours but I think now that I've done one... I could do it again in about 30 minutes. 

Be sure to remember the order in which you disassemble... this will be helpful as you put it back together.... 

Point of contact at Winnebago:  Chris A. Andersen   caandersen@winnebagoind.com

Image 0501:  original assembly... the one the locksmith destroyed

image 0513:  backside of door handle assembly

image 0516:  inside of door after inside door handle removed

image 0520: new door handle assembly with part number

image 0521 edge of  door at the height of door handle you'll find a round plastic cap... you must remove this plastic cap and unscrew the 7/16 bolt to remove the inside door handle assembly

image 0523:  part numbers for what I had ordered

image 0525: IT'S FIXED!

Last image:  The guilty dog!


Lessons learned:

1- Never forget, if you have FMCA roadside assistance it has lock out assistance.... I bet if I had remembered that I would have gotten someone that knows about RVS.

2- Maybe this should be #1..... Always keep extra keys for every lock hidden somewhere.

3- Fixing stuff yourself is very satisfying... but, I think I'd be more satisfied if this mistake didn't cost me about $400 in locksmith and parts!


Guess who has extra keys for the coach in his Jeep, hidden outside coach, and with friends????? THIS GUY!










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Eric, I feel your pain sort of. I was locked inside our coach do to the dead bolt. I was able to crawl out and open the door. Pushed back the door seal and took my knife and was able to slide the bolt back. I fixed the dead bolt and have never use it again. We have a keypad on the outside and like you an extra key and remote control in the truck and an extra key on my keys. 

You have passed another chapter in RV 101. Congratulations.


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Eric, glad you got that resolved! I have plastic mini totes that we use to cover all switch sets up front to keep the dogs off. I chock my wheels but use to panic a paw would release the parking brake. 

My wife set her purse on the passenger side shade switch while driving down the road and burnt it up. 

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Don't know why you use the dead bolt. We never use the dead bolt. I have a 2015 Tour 42QD, sister to yours and it has the remote controls for compartments and bottom lock on door.  Both the dead bolt and the lower lock are nothing more than to keep honest people and kids out. A large screwdriver will will pop open either of those locks with little effort, or pop the door itself.  Also, mine came with 3 keys and one key opens all, including bays, except the dead bolt,

I have two on me. one is on the key ring in my pocket and goes where I go and a detachable key from that ring. That is the one I use for the ignition and when we stop and satellite antenna goes up it goes next to the Wally as a reminder to put the sat antenna down.  The set my wife has goes in the glove box of the toad. Keyless entry to the TOAD so we can get to it anytime.

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That door latch is prone to failures at the most inopportune times. If it fails and your inside and have the tools inside you can easily remove the latch and open the door.   This is the reason I always leave one window unlocked so if needed, I or someone can climb inside to open the door.  I will never disclose which drivers window I leave unlocked either.

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Unfortunately I don't have any window that anyone could climb through. They are all to small.

Herman, I need a reminder to put down the Antenna so the ignition key goes near the Winegard controller.

I also have a little red cord that I slip on the top of the steering wheel. It hangs down to remind me to retract the jacks.

Someone mentioned the brake button. I took a piece of PVC, cut it to length, cut a trough thru it and just snap it over that little yellow button. Brakes cannot be released without taking the PVC fitting off.

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My ignition key is like Herman!  Sorry Wayne, my memory is 99% of the time, just fine.  Linda comes along and checks things out also!  I do like the PVC idea!  I carry a full set of coach key's in toad & toad keys in coach!

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