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Wayne.  That's correct.  Very few houses survived that storm, pretty much flattened the Island and lost an estimated 6,000 souls!  The land behind the Sea Wall, was built up by digging up the flats, where we now have English Bayou. 

While waiting to get started on the Sea Wall, General Roberts, wrote the Roberts Rules of Order!  

Now, it's your turn.  The Texas City Explosion of a drifting ship! 

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Texas City Disaster

Yep, Killed over 500 people and injured over 5000. When the Grandcamp exploded residents went to the dock area to watch the fire and firefighters. Kids were let out of school to go watch. The Grandcamp's anchor was blown across the city. Another ship, the High Flyer also exploded because of the Grandcamp's fire and a ghird was destroyed. The High Flyer propeller, it is huge, was found over a mile away.

Some old time videos: Texas City, TX 1947 Explosion

Parking lot 1/4 mile away from blast.



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