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New to FMCA

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Well howdy folks, we are new to FMCA, joining at the Quartzsite Big Tent! We have been full-timing for 7 years and love it! We look forward to meeting fellow FMCA members on our travels!

Where ever any of y'all travel, may they be safe!



GOD Bless America!

GOD Bless Texas!

GOD Bless All of our Troops!

"CHARACTER is doing the right thing when no one is looking"

'09 International Durastar 4400 LP Customized by 2L Custom Trucks

'15 Keystone Montana 3610RL, '10 H-D FLHRC Road King Classic, '09 Honda Rebel AmeriDeck M/C Loader in Truck Garage, 3 - 270W solar panels + 2 - 165W Solar Panels, 6 - 6V, 305 AMP AGM batteries, Magnum 2800W inverter, Midnite Solar Magnum E-Panel, Midnite Solar Charge Controller, Progressive hardwired 50 AMP EMS, Hughes 50 AMP autoformer, Class of 2012!

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Welcome to FMCA and the Forum! :)

Have seen a few of your set up, but not often..quite a Rig!  2 questions..what's up on the roof of your MC garage and how long is the truck/5'er combined?

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As Carl said, Welcome to FMCA and the Forum. You have just enlarged your family by approx 168,000. (78, 000 members).

Don't forget they all expect a Christmas card.:lol:

Hope to see that nice rig at Perry and or Minot.


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