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ITR Oasis Distribution Module Pumps and parts search

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I'm in search of the most economical way to replace a hot water/glycol pump in the Oasis DM12 or similar distribution module. This system uses the ITR Oasis burner to heat the water/glycol fluid to circulate through 2 separate loops for hydronic heating as well as for hot water in the coach. I believe it is supplemented by the engines heat when it is running. My quest is to find a supplier for the 2 (maybe 3) pumps that are incorporated in the DM12 distribution module.

When searching for the GRI (Gorman-Rupp) INTG2-103 pump, I come up with zilch. Gorman-Rupp has a new series INT3 pump on their website, but not knowing how to purchase one, I'm looking all over the web for a source. A bit of my findings was a replacement motor for $494 via Newmar vs. $295-from ITR. Still these prices are extreme, in my opinion. Anyone with knowledge of replacement or repairing these pumps is welcome to advise me, as this is a part I can probably live without, since I'm in a warmer part of the country, but may be helpful for others experiencing the same delema. Thanks in advance for whatever help is posted.

Edited to add: 

I understand ITR is not using the GRI pump any longer, but don’t know the new supplier. These new pumps don’t need to be primed and run with water/glycol, in other words, they can be run dry without damaging the pump.




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Edward,  Welcome to the FMCA Forum !

A new item to me, this might prove helpful. Will look around some more.



This Looks like it might be a service manual ? Parts list?


This should get you some good contact info. to start looking for parts.


The Mechanical layout and physical dimensions of the components could be challenging . Looks like there are about 10 lbs. squeezed into a 5 lb. space.

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Here is a gentleman that may be able to help you.

Lloyd De Gerald     501-258-8426 or lloyd.degerald@gmail.com

Lloyd is one of the best AquaHot service techs around and is always happy to help.


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Oasis, Aqua Hot.  Basically the same, but two different systems.  AH puts out 55,000 BTU and Oasis is 80,000 BTU.  Oasis don't need the incoming water to be over 44 degrees, to give instant hot water! 

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