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New Blue Water RV Resort near Galveston

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FYI for folks in the greater Houston area and anyone else wanting to visit the southeast Texas Gulf Coast.   The wife and I learned at the recent Houston RV Show that a new RV resort located ~25 miles southwest of Galveston will open next month (April 2019).   The new resort is the Blue Water RV Resort located on the Blue Water highway that runs along the coast from Galveston to Surfside, Beach,  TX.    More specifically, the Blue Water RV Resort is ~2 miles southwest of the San Luis Pass bridge.   This is the website for the new resort -->  https://www.bluewaterrvpark.com/

The map of the new resort looks intriguing with views of natural marsh land and view of the Blue Water Canal --> https://www.bluewaterrvpark.com/resort-map/    A Google Earth view of the Blue Water RV Resort under construction is attached.   This new resort is one more option in addition to Galveston Island RV Resort, Jamaica Beach RV Park, Stella Mare RV Resort and Dellanera RV Park for beach weekends (or weeks) with kids and grandkids.


Blue Water RV Resort Construction.PNG

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Mike, on the way to San Luis pass bridge, there is another City RV Park, just past Bay Harbor on Galveston Island.  Also, there is a park off Seawall Blvd, just before you get to Ferry Rd.  

Blue Water, is a long way from anything!  Small convenience store at the foot of Bridge (Treasure Isl)...Anything in the way of food is in Jamaica Beach, $2 to cross bridge and 18 miles or Surfside, 32 miles!   

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