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Gulf Air RV Resort is an Encore park, it is 2 miles from the pier at Ft. Myers beach. You may either use the Encore website to make a reservation or contact the office directly. PM me and I'll send you their direct email & phone #, I don't want to put it in a public forum, Encore doesn't like direct contact for some reason. Indian Creek RV resort is across the street from Gulf Air, mostly permanent trailers, but their maximum length is 38' I think, you'd need to call them or visit their website to make sure.

The sites are close together, and a 40' MH is the maximum length the old park can accommodate; although 2 years ago a family pulled in with a Ford F550 towing a 45' toyhauler 5er. The manager allowed him in, but the 5er stuck out into the street a couple feet. The Ford took up the entire yard area, and they couldn't open the rear ramp. They only stayed a month though.

There is a sister park Further up San Carlos blvd, Ft. Myers Beach RV resort, also an old park. You can check the layouts on Google maps to get a better idea of what I tried to explain. Scroll the map along San Carlos Blvd toward the beach, prior to the bridge onto the island are a couple more RV parks but I can't remember the names.

If you want to stay on the island, and perhaps reserve a beachfront site, check out  Red Coconut RV park,  take a deep breath before you look at the rates.

Gulf Waters RV Resort is another expensive, yet clean and neat place, sites are owned, some are rented $$$$ by the owners. It is behind the new Walmart beside Gulf Air RV resort.

Sorry for the long-winded rambling reply.  FORGOT, make a reservation very soon or the odds are slim.


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2 hours ago, jleamont said:

Rayin, isn't this park tight for large units? 

Yes, very tight for large RV's,(all RV parks near the beach are, due to land values) thus the recommendation to view it on Google maps. There is barely room to extend slides and awnings, the rates are too steep for me.  http://redcoconut.com/index.php Their website picture give one an idea of how close.

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