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Torque Multiplier Question

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The new issue of FMCA's Family RVing shows a picture of a torque multiplier in the article about Road Trip Tools.

I've always been skeptical about just driving on lug nuts with an impact driver without actually torquing them so I've been considering one of these but don't have a lot of info on them. Most Amazon reviews I've read are pretty mixed regarding quality.

I like the setup shown in the article but they failed to mention any info about the manufacturer or where one can be purchased.

Any info or personal experience is appreciated.

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Lots of discussions about these things in the bus conversion world. The best I can tell, they do best when you absolutely have to remove a lug nut and don't have access to pneumatic tools. They will do that task, if you get the proper size wrench for your particular wheel setup. I carry one with us, although to be honest it would take an extreme emergency to get me to change a wheel myself. I'm calling for a mobile tire service if I have a tire problem on the road.

Putting the lug nuts back on is a whole different matter altogether. These will tighten as well as loosen, but they can easily over tighten a lug nut or even break a stud, especially when combined with a cheater bar (handle extension). Stuck in the wilderness and have nothing else with you but a torque multiplier? Sure, it will get your wheel off and back on again. First chance you have to stop at a shop and have properly torqued you should do so.

The only proper way to tighten a lug nut is with a torque wrench. An impact driver is an easy way to over tighten lug nuts, ruin a wheel stud, or damage a wheel. That little torque wrench in your tool box with the 3/8" drive is probably not going to cut it either, as the required torque is higher than those are designed for or capable of.

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