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Holding Tank Support

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About a month ago the front end of our black tank drain valve developed a small crack and began to drip.  We called in a mobile repair crew and when they opened the bottom of the fifth wheel to expose the tanks to access the valve they were somewhat amazed at the lack of support for both the gray and black tanks.  Each are 40 gallon tanks spanning the width of the trailer with a protruded type lip on either side that rests on approximately 11/2" angle irons.  The tanks are made of some type of resin material that have seemed to expand over time and are now bowed on the bottom.  This has caused the outlet pipe to actually be above the bottom of the tanks thereby never allowing them to fully drain.  We have never traveled with more than a few gallons of water in either of the tanks but I am concerned that there is a minimum amount of support here.  This concern is further amplified by a comment made to us a year ago when another repair tech had to replace the insulation under the tanks after a leak in our water system.  He advised that our problem was minimal compared to the times he had to fix dropped black tanks.  Our fifth wheel is a 2015 Arctic Fox and we are full timers.  Any thoughts or considerations from others?

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inws9, Welcome to the FMCA forums! 

Did he have any suggestions? My first thought is you have ample ground clearance, I would have them remade out of heavier angle iron and add a few rows, perhaps he can source the materials from a local fabrication shop and install it?

This happened to a friends Trailer made by Cross Roads, Their gray tank fell out onto the ground and flooded their campsite. Theirs was under warranty, the repair made by the dealer was pathetic, they added pipe strapping between the current flat stock. Wasn't much longer after that they traded it in, new one, really no different, but that tank hasn't fallen out yet.

So based off of my small experience with these, the mobile RV mechanic would be your best option to modify it once and for all. I'd have him check the gray tank as well and come up with some solutions, if you want let us know what he is thinking and maybe attach some current photos, i'm sure we could help come up with a viable solution. 

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