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Atwood Levelegs

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Good morning, don't know if you've experienced or have heard of the following issue?
Recently we had a problem with one of our Atwood jacks on our
 2008 Tiffin Phaeton QDH 
We were planning a weekend get-a-way with our three great nephews when one of our jacks would not "retract". Although the control panel showed green lights for all four (4) jacks. When I did my pre-trip inspection the passenger side front jack was fully "extended".
I tried all the "trouble shooting" tips in the owners manual from Atwood. As difficult as it was, I was able to crawl (several times) under our coach. After two hours of trying to "retract" the jack I decided to use a power driver on the 1/2" hex head nut attached to the jack motor. With 500 revolutions to one (1) inch it is quite a process. a few seconds into the process the nut broke off the motor shaft! OH BOY! Now we're really stuck. I tried the control panel one more time, hit "retract" and the jack came up.
We are afraid to use our jacks because there is no manual way to "retract" if this should happened again. We have never had any issues with our jacks. This was quite a surprise. 
Anyway, we did get underway and the nephews had a wonderful time. Their 15, 13, and 11...so they were amusing themselves for the first hour...then boredom set in. My wife and I did not want to disappoint them. The Lord helped us, again.
When we got back home I had contacted Tiffin parts to get perhaps the parts we needed and part/model numbers. Tiffin Parts Dept said to call Atwood 574-264-2131  when I called I was given this number 1-866-869-3118.  which in turn gave me another number 574-537-8900. Tiffin Parts Dept  also have issues getting individual levelegs.
They can only buy a set of four (4) for OEM installs. No longer any bulk pieces!  
Atwood was bought out by Lippert. Thus the only help you can get from this phone number is "technical" assistance. No parts!
I called Lippert, and yes, they have a complete Atwood Leveleg with motor...but it is only for warranty issues! They do not sell them individually. 
After several calls to Lippert, one customer service person did sell me one Atwood leveleg. * attached is the invoice.
I will forward e mails that I received from 
when you view Jessica's e mail she supplied a link for the motors. I'm having difficulty identifying the correct motor.
In addition to all this, you may find some interesting articles with people that experienced the same issue. It seems that a while ago Bob Tiffin was completely exchanging the Atwood levelegs with a different brand at no expense to the RV owner, but they had to bring their coach to Red Bay.
Not sure how or if this actually happened nor if it is anywheres true?
Another suggestion to me was made by Lippert: have the Atwood Leveleg system completely removed and purchase a "new" Lippert leveling system. approximate cost on the "new" system is 5 grand!!! Plus removal of the Atwood and install of the "new".  SERIOUSLY???   Plus our local Tiffin Dealer has just announced new labor shop rates of $189.00 per hour.
With our coache at the 10 year mark, are we "obsolete"? What options do we have? Trading in for a new or newer model or dumping a ton of money into a "old" unit. In any event when these jacks fail and the manual nut breaks off.....you are stuck right where you are. It's not pretty and it won't be cheap to fix.
Per Tiffin our unit has Atwood 7.5 Extended Levelegs part # 66542
     Lippert's part number for these: # 678781
just the motor Atwood part # 80601
    Lippert's part # 678226
Trying to find either or both of these is the question.
Let me know if you are interested in this "story" and if you're going to investigate / search for a source for both the complete Leveleg and motor; and just the motor. Which seems to be the failure item.
Many thanks for your patience, hope you found this interesting?
FMCA# F312735
Note pics of new and old motor. It shows the 1/2" nut on the new, and what's left of the nut on the old. By the way the motor shaft turns very easily by my finger tips.
PS I did see a web site that featured "used" levelegs and separate motors for a "bone yard" in Las Vegas. Haven't been able to find the site again.

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On 7/30/2014 at 1:10 PM, rossboyer said:

I have checked several RV salvage yards to get one, too. I have not found any and have placed my name on their call if one comes in list. I have replaced 4 controllers since spring 2008 at $525 each. The weak area seems to be the 4 pin connector which is very susceptible to moisture and then corrosion. I have tried electrical grease and anti-corrosion fluid, and neither has worked. My understanding is that Atwood no longer supports or manufactures the controller. Actually it is made overseas. They have a new system that would require replacement of the jacks, controller, and front panel. If I have to do that, I will go to HWH and that cost is $5,000 installed.

In two weeks I will be replacing the Atwood system with a HWH automatic system. $6,520 at Stuart’s Service in Elkhart, Indiana. Don’t want too, but I have had it. I even soldered the control wires directly to the etches on the power control board. Bought about 6 months more service, but now always get no brake; therefore, won’t go down. Sometimes the control panel doesn’t get power, so if down, won’t go up. My expence to try to keep the Atwood system running has been close to $3,000 over 10 year period not to mention the aggravation. I had HWH on two other coaches. Only one problem was a hose leak at the thread. HWH sent me a replacement for both front jacks at no charge. I may not buy another coach, but if I do it will not have Atwood jacks. 

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By the time I would drive 736 miles round trip, probably not, a friend let’s me park at his business and plug into 50 amp at no cost. Gives me a chance to visit and go out to eat with them. I have had Stuart’s Service install jacks before. Their work is excellent. I know HWH is in Moscow. Just drove by there twice going and return from Gillette. 

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Update:  I had the HWH automatic system installed. Stuart’s Service did a great job of installation. I did find out that having HWH systems installed at Moscow or Stuart’s is the same basic cost, but Moscow is higher due to higher taxes. Total cost at Stuart’s was $6,517.10. 

Chuck Stuart told me that a Tiffin motor home from Texas will be in next week to replace their levelegs with HWH.

 I would recommend Stuart’s Service anytime you need jack systems serviced. 

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