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Firestone Air Bags, 4 corner weights, alignment

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Please need a engineer to come down to a layman understanding, how it effects and how it all works.

Ok lets start with the Firestone Air bags on the rear springs.So you see that the motor home is leaning on the right side . You add  more air to the air bags (on the right side)  and level the rig .In the process you have changed the  wheel alignment of the front end.  Now , you get the 4 corner weights. time for checking tire pressures.

BUT ! !Lets go back to the Air Bag.


And if not, does this put a twist on the frame ?It would think weight needs to be move around , by hand: to level out the coach.Than maybe move weight from the rear to the front by increasing the pressures in the air bags?

DO THEY HAVE TO WORK IN PAIRS?  Would this be the  right thing to do before a wheel alignment?

Okay , what do others do ?

Tim the Mailman 

Winnebago Class C  3 slides 2014  32 ft long. Cambria



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Tim, our class c had a similar set up as you except we had added air bags on the front also (they were inside the coil springs) 

I always added air to level the coach at each corner, ours leaned to the right side loaded without any passengers.

The front, I would add air so the front wheel Camber looked proper. Ford E-450 with twin I beam, if it was front heavy the top of the tires would be tilted inwards.

Our old C was over axle weights from the factory. I suspected that was the reason for the air bags to stop it from bottoming out. Who installed them I have no idea.

I set mine to level the coach when I had it aligned and the coach was loaded as it would minus the passengers.

It worked, just rode like a tank!

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