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Stairs in and out while driving / fix

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Most should know if  you have problems with your stairs not going in, or not going out, it's frequently the fact the contacts are dirty. A little sandpaper on them and you are good to go. 

or.... a wire came loose.... take the contact assembly out a little and connect wire. 

Our stairs began going in and out while we were driving..... contacts were clean..... 

I took a close look from the side of the contacts and noticed one was shorter than the others..... I pulled the assembly out and upon close inspection, I noticed they are adjustable by pulling the wire off, and using the plastic nut to adjust the length / how far they stick out.

See pictures.

One note, be sure to remember which side is up (in my case the yellow wire) and not take off more than 1 wire at a time unless you mark them for proper location.





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