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Slides and jacks not operating of HWH 310 Series

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Sometimes my slide would not automatically extend or retract, but if I kept working the rocker switch it eventually would work. I ordered a new  rocker switch and when I removed old switch slide motor started running and ran for about a minute before it stopped.  Now I cannot extend jacks or slides.  When I move the rocker switch I can hear a click at the solenoid, but when I attempt to lower jacks via the control panel nothing happens.   I contacted HWH for tech help and they are only do call backs and they have 3 weeks of requests before they could get back to me.

Keith Parker

2001 Itasca Horizon, CAT330


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Sounds like a bad motor winding, if this is the case you could have the motor rewound if you know of a place that does that type of work. If not a replacement motor.

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Been looking through some older systems used by HWH. Even though they mention the use of hydraulics for the slide rooms. There is no diagrams of how the manifolds are modified to accommodate the operation of this portion of the system.

A number of items and drawings cover the 310 system you posted as being installed in your coach, but system changes appear to overlap. 

From what I have been reading it sounds like there are mechanical latches that keep the slide(s) securely held in place while moving,  Because of that feature , it appears these latches can stop both the leveling jacks and the slide hydraulics. 

The switch you replaced. Was it supplied by HWH? and was the switch action the same as the OEM switch and the contacts where verified with a meter to match the OEM switch?

Do you have any of the original manuals that came with the coach? If so what do they cover electrically and hydraulically?


310 HWH slide room information that might be relevant to the issue.

There are a number of different hydraulic solenoid valves used on the systems built around the time your coach was built.

AP0642 Valve.

            This valve was originally a Single wire valve. This valve has a T-handle for manual valve release. The single wire valve can be replaced with the RAP0642 and an adapter. This valve

was used on (310, 325. These 2 systems in common), 610 and 625 along with early room extension systems.


            Until 2003, the large valves had a back emf diode installed in the valve. Because the necessary protection for the valves is now in the control box, the diode was removed. The small valves never had the back emf diode.

Because this diode is still necessary in older systems, all replacement large valves have the diode.



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Sounds like you are getting power to the solenoid, I am assuming the motor is not running. Just because the solenoid makes a click does not mean it’s good. You can replace it, or first try the old hammer trick. Have some one operate the switch and tap on the solenoid. They can also be jumped with a heavy jumper wire.

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