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Texas' only bullfighting ring to close this year.

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On Aztec Blvd. in Mexico City, across from the Shriners Hospital & Burn Center, is the Bull **** Arena, that was enough for me, 2005! 

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Try this link Wayne, my security settings won't allow me to view it on this machine, so hope it works. https://www.wintertexantimes.com/News/2009-2-26/Article2.htm

This utube video/slideshow explains:


here is the preview of that article though:" Owner Fred Renk is planning another heart-stopping bullfight as Santa Maria Bullring stages its final bullfight of the Winter Texan season on Feb. 22. At the last bullfight, on Feb. 8, the excitement began even before the event started when the first bull tried to climb out of the chute and knocked the makeshift roof off on one of his many ... "

The Santa Maria Bullring is on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Santa-María-Bullring/186213611413740

This is my wife with the guest matador from Mexico City:


bullfight 075.jpg

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