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New or Revised Verizon agreement terms for 2020?

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My "Connect-On-The-Go" Verizon contract expires on 5/8/2020.  Has anyone heard what the renewal terms will be?

From the Q&A section of FMCA's ad: "What happens at the end of my 2-year contract with Verizon?  Verizon will honor the discounted price for 2 years from your sign up date. After your 2-year contract with Verizon has expired, pricing is subject to the terms of a new or revised agreement between FMCA and Verizon."

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dr. Welcome to Forum!

As long as your a paid member of FMCA...your grandfathered under the old terms...so, renew your membership! 😀

Happy Trails!

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I tried to get information from FMCA by submitting my question about plan expiration, via their web form.  Alas, after waiting for more than a week, no one responded.  

After a bit of navel gazing, I realized that my actual contract for the cellular service was with Verizon, not FMCA.

I spoke with Verizon support this evening and asked what happens when my contract expires next month.  I was told that my coverage will continue at the same price, after my contract expires. 

That's good news to me.  Verizon data, at a reasonable price, with the freedom to terminate the service at any time.  No contractual or membership requirements.

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