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Running a small network with 802 connectivity

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Verizon and sprint have what they call mi-fi modem router combo which will handle up to 5 devices for a cost of about $60.00 a month. Worth checking into.


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Hi : Glen

I have a wireless network running in my RV . I use two routers .... both routers are running a "Opensource" firmware from DD-WRT.


The first one is a Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 which receives the wireless signal from the campground. I use the Buffalo because it has an signal amplifier built into it.

The second router is a linksys ..... alto any router will do for the second .... it does not have to be running DD-WRT alto it is better to only have to deal with one router interface.

The wan port of this router is connected with a cat 5 cable to a network port of the first router

My computer connect wireless to the second router .... this is my internal network with the printer on it (wireless HP printer).

By using this system you can share one wireless signal (even a single Coach Net ) with more than one computer and connect to a network printer.

It is possible to do this with one router .... but easer with two .... today router are cheap.

If you would like more help setting this send me an email with a request and a phone number .

Hope this helps


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Guest BillAdams
I would like to run a small home network in my RV while traveling. Have not been able to figure out a way to connect to 802.11x network and share connection thru router. Any ideas out there?


816 588-6933

What are you wanting to network? Just your comptuers to a printer? What will you be using for internet access? Wi-Fi or a cellular air card or other (specify). Do all computers and printers have wireless cards installed?

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There are three ways to be connected to the Internet wirelessly. Cellular, Wi-Fi, and Satellite. Any of these connections can be used to connect a Local Area Network to the Internet. Having a LAN enables you to share files and printers locally.

Here is a link to our seminar handout on "Get Away, Stay Connected"

Geeks On Tour - Education for Travelers

Much depends on how much you need the Internet. Cellular has become the most popular way to stay connected. Cellular is the only one that works going down the road. You can enhance your connectivity with signal amplifiers and external antennas.

You can learn a lot by attending an FMCA Convention. The next big one is in Redmond, OR. in August. Stop by and say hi.

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Here is my latest setup in our MH:

AT&T Lighting USB device

Ubiquiti Bullet M2, a/b/g/n, 600mw

8dBI vertical antenna

Bullet and antenna attached to ladder with CAT-5 running inside

Cradlepoint MBR-900 router

All run off the 12vdc house batteries

With this setup I can have multiple computers on the Internet while traveling or stopped. I have two laptops, a RVPuter, and my iPhone that connect to the router via WiFi.

The RVputer is installed but in development stages. I replaced the AM/FM radio with a 7" touch screen that is hooked to the RVputer. Currently it functions are to monitor engine functions, AM/FM/HD Radio, DVD/CD Player, iPhone hands free, GPS and media player.

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