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need someone with flat towing experience

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

I am sure you will get a number of "what is the best toad for ME".

Without knowing what you are towing with (i.e. towing limit) and how you use a vehicle, very difficult to tell.  Kind of like asking "what is the best car".

Said another way, if you do off-roading, a  light-weight manual transmission toad would be a poor choice.  Only on-road driving, a Jeep at 1,500 or more pounds heavier may not be the best choice.

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Which one do you like? Coke, Dr Pepper,  sorry but your question is very subjective. You haven't said what size unit you have, gas or diesel pusher, capacity. That would answer alot of questions. 

I have very good results towing 4x4 Chevy pickups.


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Thanks for the feedback.  I am new to the forum and to the RV lifestyle.  I will be more clear:

We will be driving a Tiffin Phaeton 40IH diesel pusher.

We want to use the vehicle to go into town, go into sites that don't allow larger RV's, no off-roading

Thanks for your input.


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Start out with your search here, after signing into the FMCA website: https://fmca.com/towing-guides-towing-four-wheels-down/

You can search by year model for the last 20 years for what the vehicle manufacturer's deem towable 4 wheels down.

I say start here, because, while it is as up to date as they can keep it, some manufacturers retroactively change what can be towed/requirements for towing.

But, a good place to start.  Basics are to narrow down the list based on what kind of vehicle YOU want to drive.

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