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Dash Heater/AC Blower Replacement

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Hello to all! I am looking for help in replacing the dash heater/AC blower in my 2007 Country Coach Allure. It looks like the entire horizontal dash surface needs to be removed. I cannot see any other way to get to the dash heater/AC assembly housing. Looks like the actual dash with gauges will also need to be unbolted and moved. I was able to replace the same fan on my previous RV, a 1997 Monaco Windsor, by removing the vertical surface between the floor and the dash horizontal surface. A new, $35 Napa blower motor was the fix! This RV appears to require substantially more disassembly to get at the blower motor.

If anyone had done this before  and would be willing to share their secret, please post a reply. Thank you in advance for your help.



2007 Country Coach Allure #31448.

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Felix, Have you looked for a bad fuse? Where is the condenser unit located, is it in the rear area next to the engine and CAC turbo air cooler, or under the coach between the front tires area?

A bad fuse is far easier to replace then the blower motor. I would look real close around the passenger front kick panel for some screws hiding in the carpet nap. Some times it is much easier to find them with a magnet, held close to the bottom area where the panel and carpet meet.

Got to be-leave that they would not make the coach that needs to have the entire dash removed to replace the blower motor.


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