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Fuzzbut the Cat

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We travel with Fuzzbutt (the vets know him as NoWay, as in "no way we're keeping that cat"),  a two-week-old foundling about seven years ago and now 20 lbs.  When we used the Itasca 34, we put down a shower curtain in i's bath tub and put his litter box on it.  Come shower time the shower curtain/litter box was removed with the tub clean.  Our current boat on wheels, a Cayman 36, has only a shower with a glass door that must be closed in motion.  But it has a washer-dryer prepped closet and we don't have and don't want a washer-dryer.  I rigged a large plastic tub, resting on one side and exactly filling the width of the closet, to hold a litter box.  Works well.  (Ladies, there is no litter box odor with the litter we use.)  But above that is "the project."

Built a 3-inch deep tray, mounted it on drawer pull-outs.  The front and back have rabbits spaced an inch apart, allowing us to adjust slats (perpendicular to the direction of travel) to make channels of varying width to hold bottles and cans.  The pull-out feature is a convenience because the tray is situated close under a higher shelf.   There was a pull-out pantry previous owners sacrificed for an over-sized residential refrigerator.  We don't need that either, but "no way" is it coming out.


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