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Aiming a rear view monitor

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The rear vision monitor was mounted vertically and straight to the rear, low on the center of the dashboard of our 2006 Monaco Cayman and because of the angle of vision was worthless.  I built this nacelle from fiberglass, forming it over a shaped stack of 5/8" Styrofoam batts, in a manner that requires no modification of the dashboard at all.  Aims it to the left and upward.  Now I can see a useable image.  A mild downside is that it blocks the usage of the cup holder drawer immediately below, but there is a fold-out cup holder to the left of the seat and I may mount a second on the side of the nacelle.  I'm definitely going to add one or two more cigar lighter sockets.  The two shown serve a TOAD brake monitor and TPMS monitor and I need a third for the Garman GPS (dash-mounted GPS has funky software and is 14 years out of date).



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