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Interest in Genealogy while traveling?

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For the past few years I have been offering Seminars at the Int'l Conventions on the topic of Genealogy.         Based on attendance and feedback this is an interest to many members of the FMCA family.    While I was not able to present in 2020 I am planning on again delivering seminars at 2021 conventions starting in Perry.

But not everyone can attend. With so many not getting out due to Covid I have been giving some Zoom meetings to local Genealogical societies on tracing your family tree. This might be something I can do for more members of the FMCA family.  Researching your Family Tree can present opportunities to travel the country as you do your research.

I would like to test the waters with a small group with a more "hands-on" approach and rather than just delivering a speech, I would like to work with folks just starting out and can schedule a few half hour Zoom meetings for groups less than 10 folks.

If interested please message me so I can gauge the level of interest and see how to manage a few Zoom meetings.

Possible Topics:  "Where do i start?"   "How to manage and organize your information"    " Where can I find information on-line for free"  'Free Genealogical programs"

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