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Slide out cable repair

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I successfully replaced the upper slide in cable in my 2010 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 38' rig. It was the forward one on the curbside rear.

I pried off the valance and that exposed the motor and cables. Interestingly, the cable that was broken (at the connector on the backside of the slide out face) had an eyelet on it (previous repair?).

I bought a cable replacement kit, installed it and adjusted the cable. I also adjusted the other cables, as the aft in cables at the 'shuttle' was tilted and not vertical.

I lined the frame of the cover and the backside of the valence with velcro, so I can access it in the future.

I also repaired a small tear in the seal near the lower cable - I cleaned the torn area with rubbing alcohol, applied some silicon sealer / glue and covered it with a piece of gorilla tape.

I am pleased with the results and the slide works great (it did before, but I was concerned of it breaking due to the additional forces on the lower cable, with the upper one not attached.






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