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RV developments with garage/porte homes

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My husband and I are looking to buy a home that has an RV garage or porte. Can anyone suggest a good development for us? We are looking for something with 1-2 bedrooms and bathrooms, a living area, kitchen, laundry and good storage. The community needs to be pet friendly as we have two small dogs. We are also looking for a development aimed at the middle to upper middle class, fairly large lots and friendly. We are not looking to spend a fortune for the house as we are only planning on being there a few months out of the year and want to travel the rest of the time. Any suggestions?

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Hi PawsOnTheGo,

Brett's question is a valid one. In addition, can you share a little bit more about the things you like to do, outside the RV community. I am in the same situation. We are looking for a place to spend the summers that is much cooler than South Florida. Some things I'd like to know about you are:

1. Many different activities in the area (outside the RV community) or a more rural setting?

2. Absolutely need a WalMart nearby or can do with small local shops.

3. Fan of fishing and water activities, mountain activities, NASCAR or relaxing in the RV community?

Let us know. I may be able to provide some direction.

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