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Hi, everybody, from Alberta

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Let's start by introducing myself and my family.

We are a family of three:

me, Carsten 37y

my wife, Leah

and my daughter, Jewell 10y

We live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I moved from Germany to Canada in 1994 with the German Armed Forces. At the end of my tour in 1999 I immigrated to Canada. Today I work as a Field Service Technician for a Swedish medical device company, and my wife works (let me correct that), is EMPLOYED by, the City of Edmonton.

We started tent camping in 1996 and soon moved up to an 8-foot pop-up. In 1999 we went from the 8-foot pop-up to a 12-foot pop-up and in 2004 we got a Trail Cruiser 23-foot Hybrid. At the end of last year we got into our first-ever Class A motorhome. We purchased a 2002 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 34SBD. And now we are official members of FMCA.

Since we are still "young" and actually have to work for a living, we will be using the MH mostly for weekend trips around northern Alberta.

I hope in the future to meet a lot of you folks out on the open road.

Happy Easter,


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Greetings and Welcome from the Great State of Texas.

No law against being young,,,,,,,,we are jealous,,,,,you have many,,,,many,,,,years for RVing ahead of you and your family.

Enjoy every safe mile you travelllllllll......

Safe Highways.

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Hello to you too! We will be spending one month in Edmonton from May 15 on. Staying at WhiteMud Resort. Keep in touch and we can get together maybe for a weekend trip.

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Good for you, we are similar started in tents, sleeper vans and finally Class A Motor Homes. You have many years of fun and enjoyment ahead of you in the motor home as it does not get much better than having one. We still work also but only for a couple more years, we want to retire by 61 or 62 and have more time to take trips.

Try to take a 3 or 4 week trip a year and really makes the rest of the year much better.


PS, I love your kitty, does he travel with you? We have a Siamese and he loves the trips in the motor home

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