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My Oasis Elite door awning was stuck in the closed position. I heard clicking when I tried to open it so I knew it was getting power. I Googled the problem and it let me here "Oasis elite door awning stuck closed"
Post #18 was the game changer for me. The poster provided detailed steps and pictures. I could not get behind the top left of the motor rear end cap due to the position of the main awning arm rail open or closed. So I followed the process that the poster did. I disassembled the motor in place following his directions. Once the motor was slightly loose it was able to open with the switch. The only problem I found was tons of rust on the bottom of the rotor shaft. Mine has a small bulb or ball at the end that fits in the hole in the bottom end cap. The cap was full of rust also. I removed the rust. Reassembled the motor and reconnected the wires. Tested it and it works fine now. I even drilled a couple drain holes at the bottom of the plastic cap. Took me about an hour from start to finish. Other more mechanically inclined folks can probably do it in half that time. :)


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