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Stay away from Road Riders Rescue

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In the past I have lauded Road Rides Rescue, which I began using through the Goldwing Road Riders Association and retained for a higher but still moderate premium after I left that organization.  I lauded it even though they left my wife and me beside the highway for eight hours, ending at midnight, while they engaged in a dispute with a towing service about sending one or two recover vehicles because I was in an SUV pulling a trailer with a motorcycle on it and the rescue company they were trying to send didn't have a wrecker with a tow ball, and then gave up the effort without informing us.  

Yesterday I waited for over an hour and a half for a call-back, marooned in my RV on an I-10 overpass before I called them and was told "there are six steps to the process and it got stopped at step four.."  Nothing had been done to assist me.  I told the person on the phone how they could relate to my posterior and got myself out of the breakdown situaiton at considerable risk to the engine.  

And -- call me whatever name you want -- it irritates me to have to try to communicate with a person for whom English is a poorly-understood second language. 

I'm cancelling my freshly renewed membership as soon as their busienss offices open today.  Stay away from Road Riders Rescue.  

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