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LED Light Strip for Curb Side Slide-Out

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The answer for my new ask for help is probably posted somewhere in the forum archives but I couldn't find a discussion thread so here I go (please excuse me as I revert back to early days of Coach 101 class!).    

For seven years I hung "purple and gold" globe lights on the awning tube on my previously owned travel trailer and coach for use on LSU football weekends.   Hanging the lights was easy using my three folding paint "step stool" -->   RV Globe Lights Purple\Yellow 6 Pack (rvpartscountry.com)

The awning tube on my current coach is much too high to hang the globe lights without using at least an 8 foot tall a-frame ladder.   So, for the 2019 football season I didn't use my globe lights and of course last year their was not season.

In lieu of the globe lights, would it be feasible to install a thin LED light strip along the back side of the "flange" of the slide-out without causing problems for slide-out operation? -->   How to Hang LED Strip Lights - Video Guide Included - Lepro Blog

 I would not provide a permanent power / switch for the LED light strip -- I'd simply attach the power supply and plug into an existing outside receptacle for seven weekends each fall.    Is the back-side of the slide-out lower flange the proper place to install a thin light strip or would the coach "wall" immediately below the slide-out be the better location?   Any words of wisdom from the forum would be most appreciated!

I'd love to "snoop" around a higher-end coach that came equipped with under-slide out LED lights to see a factory installation but am afraid of getting shot.....

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