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Air Ride System

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1 hour ago, sweeneychris93@yahoo.com said:

I have a 2007 American Eagle, Im having an issue with with front air bags not inflating, I have checked for air leaks and found none, my rear air bags are 100 + PSI. front stops around 75 psi, will not go above 75 PSI unless idle is up around 1600 rpm's. Any ideas? Thank you

Chris, The rear air pressure sounds a little high> All the air bags on my coach are set using PPV( Preset Pressure Valve)set at 65 LBS. Supplied from the same point of a manifold.

Are the front Ride height control's set properly? Sure sounds like there is a leek somewhere in the front Air system. If you can get under the coach safely spray some of the kid bubble soup on all the front air line connections, small bubbles mean a small air leak and the bigger they are the bigger the leak .

will not go above 75 PSI unless idle is up around 1600 rpm's, Your compressor is making more air at the higher RMPs that means a leek some place in the system.


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