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Wish we had a sperate Diesel and Gas Motorhome Catagory

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We are now in the 21st Century and we have so many RVs it sometimes needs new separate categories.
I know many of you have diesel engines which are great and unique in design compared to the Gas motorhomes.
I have asked for a separation of the Class A Motorhome category be divided into two.
1 - Class A Motorhome Diesel
2 - Class A Motorhome Gas

This way any owner can easily find the correct location with the specific question by engine type.

I have owned two gas motorhomes on Ford F53 chassis over the past 12 years. 
One with the Ford gas V10 and now a 2021 with the NEW Ford gas V8

Do you think adding a Gas category would be helpful?
Like to hear you opinions.
Thank you

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I never have a problem replying to a thread unless the member has not completed their signature that appears below their post. For instance read my signature and all  your questions are answered about my MH.

If yo would like to complete your signature, click on your name it the top right corner of this page and follow the links.

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Ford Says this is the replacement for their V10.
Ford Godzilla V8 is 7.3L V8  350hp 368 ft  lbs torque

I have over 11,000 miles since April 2021 and it is one amazing gas V8 engine.
Driven over the Rockies from Grand Junction CO to Denver with no problem.
Compared to the Ford V10 which i originally had the V8 has more hp, more torque than the V10.
Also smaller footprint and have been told 100 lbs lighter. 465hp 480 lbs torque
Many race car drivers are using the block because its strong design and great cooling and lube channels and taking it up to outrageous hp levels.
I have a 39 ft rig on a 22k chassis and I get 7 to 9 MPG depending on the road conditions. Hills wind, traffic, etc
Now Ford has F53 MH chassis from 16k to 24k and more weight has negative impact on mileage.
Ford definitely got a winner. 

As you can see this is one of the reasons I was asking for a new GAS Motorhome category.
Thanks for asking.


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Welcome!  Sounds like  a great MH, I've always wondered how the new Ford V8 was being accepted. I"ve been keeping up with Fords new engine since it was first announced.They've been the only gas engine in MH's ever since Workhorse quit.

If I were  asking this question, I would contact FMCA HQ directly. I can think of no valid reason for not having a gasoline MH forum, but I'm just a peon enjoying conversing about any problems for which I have meaningful information;; doesn't matter it it is powered by gas or diesel, motorized or towed, as I've had them all.

What is important is brand, as there are specific problems with each that non-owners have little knowledge. Gas motors have their specific quirks, as do diesel's, but almost everyone has some knowledge of gas engines, less for diesels.

I appreciate reading your signature, I didn't know if you had a  Dodge chassis, workhorse, or Ford. We used to belong to S.M.A.R.T. before the pandemic. It's a great group of veterans. FMCA also has a veterans group. DW has medical issues that have prevented attending any gatherings or caravans; now it's my turn for having problems that prevent such activities. Now we're waiting for the body shop to repair our MH  front cap, looks like it'll take all summer they are so busy.

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iggy that is a good thing. Both organizations have been negatively affected the past 6-8 years by losing members, hopefully that will  permit both to survive economic conditions and aging membership.

We can't travel much since my  wife was severely injured in an auto crash in 2016. In 2021 I nearly died from  blood septis and resulting kidney failure ; recovery is very slow.

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