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2007 Monaco Diplomat 40PRQ Slide-out Issues

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I cannot get the rear slide-out to go out.  All other slide-outs are functioning correctly

I have verified the switch is working correctly.

I removed the trim piece to gain access to the slide-out motor.  I removed the connector and attached a voltmeter.  When I press the "In" on the toggle switch I get the expected voltage.  I would expected to get the opposite voltage.  I do not get anything.

I created a jumper to reverse the polarity at the motor.  When I pressed the "In" on the toggle switch and the slide went out.

I believe the only three components are the switch, the slide-out relay controller, and the motor.  There is the wiring as well.

I believe I have proven the wiring to the motor and the motor itself are fine.  I have also proven the switch is working.

At this point the assumption is that there is an issue with the Slide-out Relay Controller.

The slide-out relay controller is a "IDS 10667E". I have not been able to put my hands on one.

This part is obsolete.  IDS was bought out by Lippert in about 2014.  They suggest their part number 138450 as a substitute.  Note this is a single slide-out controller.  Therefore it would require four to completely replace the "IDS 106667E."  I order one as they are $188 each.  I want to verify usability before spending $462.

The problem at this point is figuring out the rewiring.  Is there a schematic available for the Slide-out Relay Controller used in the 2007 Monaco Diplomat 40PRQ?

I have documented the wiring colors at the four slide out switches.  I have documented the wiring colors for the front two slides as they are easily accessed.  I need to remove trim to do that for the rear slides.  Currently I have not done that.  Can I find that out without removing the trim?

I have also documented the wires coming into the 10667E.  There are two sizes of wires used. I assume the smaller size is the switch input.  This should be a total of eight.  There should also be eight thick wires for the motors.  That makes sixteen wires.  I have a total of twenty.  I could assume that there is probably a B+ and a ground.  I assume there is a lockout so the slides cannot be moved when the ignition is on.  That might explain the remaining two wires.

All might be well if I could map it all out to switches and motors.  There is always something to keep you from getting to 100%.

Where can I find this wiring documented?

Forrest Towne


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