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schematic for 2000 southwind 36t NEEDED

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Haven't been on here in awhile. Right now I'm in need of 2000 southwind 36t DC schematics. I blew a right inside tire coming up to Vermont for our summer stay. If you owners don't know it, that's where southwind ran the DC wiring circuit! This happened too me before, but not as bad, the last time (10 years ago) I was able to replace the wires that were torn out by the impact by matching size 16/18/22 AWG wires by matching colors. This time I have wires that are larger red and black #6 AWG and maybe a resistor or something inline. I think one of these is a power line to house batteries or something. What I am in DESPERATE NEED OF is a schematic for this DC circuitry, so I can find out where it comes from and goes to, any help would be appreciated.



Ron Graef








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