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A report on cost of travel

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I thought I would do this because some are wondering what it cost out there. These are my numbers for this year so far for me. Your results may Varey. I was adding in my fuel stop today to Gas Buddy and noticed That I was at 1000.469 gal  so far this year. on 07/20/2022. So far the mileage is 6.52 now this is without any compensation for Oasis use or generator use. For example my dash mileage today from the White Mountains (River brook Campground & RV Park,1120 Rumney Rte 25, Rumney, NH)   down to the Mystic KOA Holiday was7.8 some times over 8.4. I thought that was pretty good considering the conditions/traffic. Interesting how many steep hills there are on this route.

Average price this year 5.334 per gal. Yes I did a little better but not everyone has a EFS card. My cost today was $4.64 when the pump price was 5.099. One last bit of useless information, average fill up $335.154. 

Hope that helps someone.



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