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2016 Chevy Sonic LT FWD

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I have never towed one but this is what it says in a owners manual I found on line. I would read what it says in the one in the car. It also had warnings about blocking the air flow causing overheating of the transmission when being towed.

This is from page 290.  Vehicle Care, Recreational Vehicle Towing
Recreational vehicle towing means
towing the vehicle behind another
vehicle, such as a motor home. The
two most common types of
recreational vehicle towing are
known as dinghy towing and dolly
towing. Dinghy towing is towing the
vehicle with all four wheels on the
ground. Dolly towing is towing the
vehicle with two wheels on the
ground and two wheels up on a
device known as a dolly.
Here are some important things to
consider before recreational vehicle
. What is the towing capacity of
the towing vehicle? Be sure to
read the tow vehicle
. What is the distance that will be
traveled? Some vehicles have
restrictions on how far and how
long they can tow.

. Is the proper towing equipment
going to be used? See your
dealer or trailering professional
for additional advice and
equipment recommendations.
. Is the vehicle ready to be
towed? Just as preparing the
vehicle for a long trip, make sure
the vehicle is prepared to be
Use of a shield mounted in front
of the vehicle grille could restrict
airflow and cause damage to the
transmission. The repairs would
not be covered by the vehicle
warranty. If using a shield, only
use one that attaches to the
towing vehicle.

Dinghy Towing RS Model with
Automatic Transmission


If the vehicle is towed with all four
wheels on the ground, the
drivetrain components could be
damaged. The repairs would not
be covered by the vehicle
warranty. Do not tow the vehicle
with all four wheels on the

Good luck


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Read the exact manual for that specific vehicle.  There are now very few vehicles with FWD (Front WD) that can be towed four down.  Notice that Bill and I both have 2014 Honda CRVs.   That's the last year the CRV can be towed four down, all previous year models can be towed four down.  They put the new transmission in the '15 and newer models.

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I recently sold my 2009 Chevy HHR.  It towed beautifully.  Following the instructions in the owner's manual, I pulled fuse #8, put it in neutral and kept the steering wheel unlocked.  The manual said I could tow it any distance as long as I stayed below 65 mph.  Never had any problems with it. 

That being said, they change transmissions all the time so you have to make sure the owner's manual says it's okay to tow 4 down. 

Check the January issue of FMCA magazine to see what it says also.  Motorhome Magazine also published

Towing Guides towing four wheels down - FMCA

Below is the section for the 2016 line of Chevys.  It says your Sonic can be towed 4 down after removing the fuse for the "Discrete Logic Ignition Switch" the instrument panel fuse block to prevent a battery drain.  Also, the vehicle should be run at the beginning of each day and for 5 minutes at each RV fuel stop during the day.  Don't take these instructions as gospel though - the owner's manual is the final word on what needs to be done to tow your car.

2016 FMCA Chevy Towables.jpg

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