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Where to find a 20-tooth spur gear for Power Gear slideout

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The 20-tooth spur gear teeth are worn down so that the slide does not fully extend nor retract without manually pushing it from inside or outside.  Do not know the power gear system model #. Neither Thor (bought out Damon) nor Lippert (bought out Power Gear) cannot provide specific info since neither has detailed build data from the original factories. The spur gear has 20 teeth, is about 2 1/8" in diameter, and has an octagonal shape center hole. I am in Phoenix AZ. Neither The RV Yard (formerly Arizona RV Salvage) in Glendale AZ nor Colaw RV Salvage in Missouri have been able to assist. Have seen numerous spur gears available online but none with 20 teeth. Any ideas or suggestions where to find, or at least the model number for the slide out mechanism?  Picture attached.

Power Gear slidout gear.jpg

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