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Honda Accord - Is It Towable?

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It depends on the year. Honda said it was okay to tow them four down up to and including the 2005 model year as I recall. After 2005 they no longer said it was okay.

There is a specific procedure that must be followed before towing however.

Below is the letter I received from Honda detailing the procedure.


(all models except CR-V)

Dear customer:

Regarding your inquiry on towing your Honda or Acura automobile behind a motorhome:

For your vehicle, the Owner's Manual advises against towing at more than 35 m.p.h or for more than 50 miles. However, this recommendation exists primarily because Honda has not conducted formal tests at higher speeds and for greater distances.

We are not aware of any particular problems being caused by motorhome towing of Honda/Acura automobiles with either manual or automatic transmission, so long as proper pre-towing preparations are made and the vehicle is towed at legal highway speeds.

Manual Transmission

When preparing to tow your vehicle, make sure the transmission is full of fluid. Do not overfill.

• Release the parking brake.

• Shift the transmission to Neutral.

• Turn the ignition key to the ACCESSORY (1) position to release the steering wheel lock. Make sure that the radio and all accessories are turned off.

Automatic Transmission

When preparing to tow your vehicle, make sure the transmission fluid level is full. Do not overfill.

If Honda/Acura automobile with an automatic transmission is towed with the front or all four wheels on the ground, you must do the following every day immediately before towing:

• Start the engine.

• Press on the brake pedal. Shift the lever through all the positions (P,R,N,D,2,1).

• Shift to D, then to N. Let the engine run for at least three minutes, then turn off engine.

• Release the parking brake.

• Leave the ignition switch in ACCESSORY (1) so the steering wheel does not lock. Make sure the radio and any items plugged into the accessory power sockets are turned off so you do not run down the battery.

If you travel more than 8 hours in one day (including stopping time), you must stop and repeat the above procedures.


The steering system can be damaged if the steering wheel is locked. Always leave the key in the ACCESSORY (1) position to prevent damage to the steering system when towing behind another vehicle.


Severe automatic transmission damage will occur if the car is shifted from reverse to neutral and then towed with the drive wheels on the ground.


Improper towing preparation will damage the transmission. Follow the above procedure exactly. If you cannot shift the transmission or start the engine, your vehicle must be on a flat bed truck or trailer.

If you tow a Honda/Acura vehicle with automatic transmission, the fluid must be changed every two years or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Although experience has shown that the Honda/Acura transmission and powertrain are capable of being "motorhome towed", America Honda does not assume responsibility for any vehicle damage or liabilities incurred due to the towing device, towing vehicle, lighting hookup, or other towing equipment or towing procedures; any responsibility for these items is assumed by the owner/operator.

If you have additional questions, please call American Honda Motor Co. Inc. (National Consumer Affairs) at 800-999-1009.


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My 2006 Honda Odyssey has 115000 miles and has been towed 4 wheels down many of those miles. Prior to this van I had C-RVs as my tow vehicle. I've always followed the procedure outlined by Honda in the manual. If you ask around of honda owners you will find they have no problem. You have to follow the procedure towing Hondas. My next towed will be the same make. The only problem I've had was the steering pump. 2 months ago I received a letter from Honda regarding the 2006 Odyssey, they said that they were extending the warranty on the steering pump to 100000 miles or 7 years. I called the local service manager and explained that my van had 114000 miles and he knew of the problems with the steering(hard to steer in parking lots). He got back to me the next day or two and said they were going to take care of me. I took the van in and Honda replaced the steering pump-now the car works like it did when it was purchased 2/28/06. Honda also paid for a steering fluid reservoir I had installed earlier in the year.


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Although the drive trains are essentially functionally identical on other models, only the CRV and Fit have the procedure for towing spelled out in the manual after 2005. I firmly believe any model Honda could be towed (Accord, Civic, Odyssey, etc.). The catch is Honda will not honor the warranty on others beside the CRV and Fit. So if you want to take the chance of towing the Accord and fighting Honda about the warranty, I say, tow away.

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Before I purchased my CRV I owned an '08 Accord. The service manager at my dealership said this; If you tow a vehicle that is not approved to tow and transmission damage occurs, the dealership will determine the cause. If it is determined that the cause was not towing related, the warranty will cover. He also said they have installed many baseplates on Accords without any problems and furthermore, just having baseplates would not affect the determination of warranty coverage.

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I believe the drive train is so similar to the CRV that it could be towed however Honda manuals are worded such that towing is allowed only in emergencies. Towing behind a motor home would be at your own risk. You would most likely be OK but you leave yourself open to the determination by Honda if they would honor the drive train warranty. I think tow bar manufacturers make baseplates so towing would be your decision.

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