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12-volt vs. 6-volt batteries

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I just purchased a 2005 Rexhall American Clipper 315. I was going through all the systems to perform normal maintenance, and was a bit surprised to find that it has two 12-volt batteries connected in parallel! Every RV that I've owned/seen has two 6-volt batteries connected in series.

I'm assuming that the 12-volt batteries are deep cycle ... although I'm not sure how I would tell the difference.

Is this a problem for me? Why would someone choose to do this?


Ron Clanton

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While there certainly are 12 VDC deep-cycle batteries, most sold for this purpose are "dual-purpose" or marine batteries. And many are purchased by those who just don't know the difference.

As long as they fill your amp needs, I would not change them.

BUT. when you shop for replacements, I suspect you will find that 6 VDC golf cart batteries are the least expensive quality deep-cycle battery. And converting from two 12 VDC (in parallel) to two 6 VDC (in series) is easy.

If you are looking for high-end batteries and cost is not that critical, AGM batteries such as Lifeline Battery are maintenance free, accept a charge faster than wet cells, have a much lower self discharge rate, etc.


Brett Wolfe

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