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Wash on wash off ... works great

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For 3 years the only product I have used to keep the MH clean has been a California Duster and Protect-All.....Still has the like new showroom shine.

Well, today,,,,ran out of Protect-All before finishing the job.

Went looking to see if I had another bottle and came across Protect-All quick and easy (Right!) no rinse wash.

Welllllll,,,,,what another great product......couple quarts of water in a bucket,,,,couple caps of quick and easy,,,,,used a sponge for wash on,,,,,Dry rag for wash off....quick and easy,,,,removed water spots,,,,,,dust,,,dirt etc.......

Must have picked this up sometime last year and it got buried in the MH.......forgot I had it.

It worked great,,,,,I sure like eeeeazzzzy.........

Never have used soap on the MH,,,,,,,

Disclaimer: I do not have any interest in Protect-all,,,,other than using,,,,their products.

I found out about Protect-all years ago on one of the forums,,,,whoever suggested it,,,,thanks.

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Guest Wayne77590

I have heard that is a good product, although I have not used it yet.

I purchased the Mr. Clean washing machine at Wally-world for $19. It comes with enought mild soap and a ionized filter for a couple of 40' washes. It is a self contained washing system, in that it has three settings, wet down, soap, and rinse.

You first wet down the coach, then turn the knob and soap down a section, then using the wet down nozzle, remove the suds, then turn the knob to the rinse position and watch as the water dries leaving no spots. For those still leaking off the roof lines, I use Captain Bests (They have a new name now.) This was not cheap when I bought it for $32 a quart, but it will wipe down a lot of surface area and since for the MH I'm just touching up, it's alright.

Also, I carry Turtle Wax's "Ice" wipe down. Both products do a good job laving no residue. You can apply Capt. Bests and run you fingers over the surface area and feel the difference.

Xplorer, I'm with you on your thoughts, but I will use a mild detergent (Dawn dish washing soap is supposed to be very mild). We have all heard of "Clear Coat." Well, my opinion is that if you keep it clean, you don't have to wax it. I have not had any problems with that philosophy over the years.

I also use nothing but microfiber cloths for wiping down any painted surface. The old cotton "T" shirts are to rough for today's paint jobs and leave swirl marks.

I'll have to try some Protect All when I run out of the other ingredients I have.


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On the way to Victoria,,,,welllllll,,,,intermittent light rain, drizzle,,,,so now the product I like so much,,,,,I get to exercise with it again,,,,,,,road grime can sure mess up a nice wax job,,,,,,

Guess I'll see how good it works for the second time. :rolleyes: Now, If I could just lose 5lbs everytime I Wash ON, Wash Off,,,,,,wishful thinking.....

I like the combination of these two products more than any I have used,,,,don't think I will need to try anything else.

I use the round waxing sponges for Wash On,,,,and the microfiber cloths for Wash Off,,,,,,use the same for the Protect-All Wax On, Wax Off.

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