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Handicapped RV for SGT Eddie Ryan

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On Thursday October 28th at 2:30pm Wounded Marine SGT. Eddie Ryan of Ellenville, NY who was shot in the head in Iraq and Parylized will start a journey to Washington, DC that will fulfill a goal of his. He will compete in the Marine Corps Marathon along with thirty three thousand other Marines. This will be made possible by a former Marine SGT. Bryan Purcell who will push SGT Ryan in the 26 mile marathon in a wheelchair specially built by Orange County Choppers. A phone call by an FMCA member to a staff member in FMCA's Cincinnati office set in motion a nationwide search for Handicapped RV to accomodate SGT Ryan. Although we were unable to locate a Handicapped RV it was not due to the unbelievable efforts of FMCA's Angel Bus Chapter, FMCA staff and members, and Winnebago industries who were willling to donate an RV but could not get it finished in time.

In the end, due to the use of a narrow Airline wheelchair secured by Bryan Purcell, a Motorhome donated by Alpin Haus RV, a Wheelchair accessable Tour Bus donated by Adirondack Trailways ,a recently returned Iraq war veteran Trailways driver who is donating his services and donations by the Trailway's drivers union SGT Ryan will be living a dream and I got to meet an unbelievable Hero with a great sense of humor who when told by his mother that he will some day walk, said "NO" I am going to run.

Paul D


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