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Bedroom Slide Not Working

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The bedroom slide on our 05 Fleetwood Expedition 38N is stuck open. I can hear a relay click when I push the "IN" switch but do not hear the motor and there is no movement.

I believe that it is an electrical problem but do not see any info about the slides in my schematics from Fleetwood.

I will be starting to troubleshoot the problem shortly.

Any thoughts about how the motor is controlled or wired would be most welcome.

Any info on fuses for the slides would also be very useful.

Thanks in advance.

Amby Nangeroni

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Found a bad fuse in the controller for the bedroom slide.

This RV has 3 controllers. The ones for the 2 big slides look like they have a solid state module for the controls.

The bedroom controller has two relays, a circuit breaker, and a 20 A slo-blo fuse.

I have pictures is anyone is interested.

Amby N

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