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How to Watch Forum, Watch Topic

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Watching Forums and Watching Topics area great ways to keep an eye on only the discussions that interest you. If you don't visit the forums every day or if you don't want to continually use the "View New Content" feature, Watch Forum and Watch Topic can be real time-savers.

Watch Forum

By choosing Watch Forum, you are asking to be notified when a new topic is posted in that forum. For example, if you would like to be notified when a new topic has been posted in the Towing forum, go to that forum and click "Watch Forum."


Notification Method

For your notification method, I suggest selecting Immediate Notification. Then, click the "Proceed" button. Now you will receive an e-mail whenever someone creates a new topic in, in this example, the Towing forum.


Stop Watching Forum

If you no longer want to watch a forum, unsubscribing from it is easy. Go to the forum and click the "Stop Watching Forum" button.


Watch Topic

Let's say you want to be notified each time a new reply is made in a topic called Pilot Flying J Transactions. But you do not want to be notified of all new topics in the General Discussion forum, where this thread resides. Watch Topic allows you to receive a notification when a new reply has been made to individual Topics within a forum. Here's how to Watch Topic:

Click General Discussion to open the forum.


Click the Pilot Flying J Transactions topic link.


Click "Watch Topic."


Choose your notification method.


To Stop watching topic, go to the topic discussion and click "Stop watching topic."


Topic Preview without opening another page

One final tip, not related to Watch Forum/Watch Topic: On topic listing pages and search results views, you can click the "View topic preview" icon to see a popup of the first and latest posts without leaving the page.


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I do not have the same screen as the instructions. No "watch" button. There is a "follow" button. If I click the "Follow" button, it changes to "Following", but I have as yet to receive any notificaiton of any followed topics. Running IE 8.


Update: I had the "follow" set notify immediately, but did not have my notification set properly..... I think.

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Under our updated software, "Watch Forum" and "Watch Topic" are now "Follow this topic" and "Follow this forum."

Before you can receive notifications of topics and forums that you follow, you have to set your Notification Preferences. Here's how:

1. From your profile near the top right, choose "My Settings."


2. From the left column, choose "Notification Options."


3. Under Topics & Posts, click the checkbox to "auto follow toics I reply to." Select your notification frequency method, such as Email. Scroll down to Save Changes.


Now, you should receive notifications.

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