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UK Resident Seeks RV Rental Info

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Hi there everyone. I am new to the forum so please forgive me while I navigate my way around the site. I have a 700S Hymer. We are from the Uk. We have been traveling for about 4 years in Europe.

We would like to come to the US and hire a camper. We want to go to Yellowstone first. My problem is: looking at all the hire sites [on the net] I don't know where my nearest pick up point would be.

Any ideas, anyone?

With thanks.


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Depends on what you are looking to do. You can rent RVs in Jackson Hole, WY which is just outside the south entrance to Yellowstone. However, Jackson Hole is kind of remote. If you are flying in from Europe/UK, you could fly to a major city like Denver, CO and rent then drive the RV to Yellowstone. It is about a long day's drive from Denver to Yellowstone.

Here is a website for RV rentals in Jackson Hole: www.jacksonholenet.com/rv_camping/rv_rentals.php

You might check out Cruise America www.cruiseamerica.com for almost any rental location in the US. They are in most major cities and some smaller ones. Check their website and click on the states near Yellowstone. I memory serves me correctly, Yellowstone is primarily located in NW Wyoming near the borders of Idaho and Montanna. Boise is probably the biggest city in Idaho. For Montanna, maybe Billings or Bozeman would have what you are looking for.

I believe Cruise America has one-way rentals where you can rent in one city and drop off in another. This way you can fly into one city, pick up the RV there, drive to Yellowstone then drive on to another area where you might want to visit. If you are looking more for natural beauty, Yellowstone is great. If you want to see the rugged western landscapes, try Monument Valley in SW Utah or the Grand Canyon in Arizona. There are way too many places to see in one trip and if you decided to visit the eastern part of the US, you will see a completely different landscape and history. And the southern states are different still.

Good luck to you. You will probably get more suggestions from others on this forum. Enjoy your visit.


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Siddy, welcome to the forum. It will be good to get your perspective on RVing in Europe. We are still on the learning curve of coping with higher gas(petrol)prices.

Camping World has an Internet site and also has store locations across the US. They also have motor home rentals. See their site at www.campingworld.com/rvrentals/

I have no connection with Camping World, but seldom pass up an opportunity to go into their stores. They have a very wide selection of RV related products. The site shows what kind of RVs are available and where they are available.

Assuming you have an extended time available for your visit to the US, another option to consider is to purchase an RV when you fly in, use it for a few months, then sell it when you depart.


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Guest Wayne77590


This past year we met a delightful couple from the London area. They also were going to rent an RV and tour the good ol' USA. They got a surprise at the rental rates. They flew into Florida, or somehow ended up there. They were on a 6 month holiday. They ended up buying a 26 foot Class C from a dealer in Florida who told them he would buy it back from them on their return. I have not communicated to them how that went, but I'm going to. It was considerably cheaper to buy than to rent.

Just a thought.

p.s., They introduced us to New Castle Ale. We in turn introduced them to Texas's finest, Shiner Bock.

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Hello Siddy,

Come to the USA and join the fun in a motorhome. Think about flying into Seattle (SEATAC) airport and renting there. Several rental options are available as mentioned above. From there it is about 500 miles or so to Yellowstone.

While in the Seattle area, consider a trip to the Hoh rain forest in western Washington. Go to Port Angeles, then Forks (all about the Twilight books), then on to the rain forest. This would give you time to familiarize yourself with our style of RV's. We live in Port Angeles and often help folks with rentals that were not introduced properly to the RV setup and so on.

We also have several folks living here in town from Britain who came to visit and stayed.


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