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Chassis Lube

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My motorhome is on a 2009 Workhorse W20D diesel chassis. One of the lubrication points in the manual I downloaded shows a "prop shaft slip joint" (it was called a "spline" on my prior motorhome on a Chevy gas chassis) but I cannot find any grease fitting where it should be.

However, there is about 8 inches of a corrugated (or pleated) rubber boot around the drive shaft at that point.

Do I remove that to lube it or is it self-lubricating or do I have to do something with it.

Also, this is the first time I am changing a cartridge type oil filter, with an element, as opposed to a screw-on type like on automobiles. The cap does not come off easily. My instinct is to turn it counter-clockwise to unscrew it but "27Nm" and an arrow pointing clockwise is molded into the cap. Which way should I turn it to remove it?

I did check the manuals, but they do not go into this detail...I suppose they think that only experienced mechanics do the work. I'd be grateful for any help you send me. Thanks.

Frank Winter in NJ



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The clock-wise 27 Nm is the tightening torque in Newton-meters. I donno the conversion to ft-lbs, but I'm sure you can get a conversion chart online.

1 newton meter = 0.7375621 foot-pound

27 X 0.7375621= 19.9 ft-lbs.


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