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Before You Post - Guidelines

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Here are guidelines to consider before posting in the forums. I've posted similar topics before, but this is worth a refresher now and then, particularly if you are new here. The guidelines should make it easier for you to assist other motorhomers or get the help you need.

1. Search for your question
Before posting a question, make sure it's not already been posted. As I write this, there are 16,793 topics. Let's say 80 percent of these topics are questions. That would make 16,793 * 0.8 = 13,434 topics with questions! That means there definitely is a chance that your question has already been asked and perhaps answered before!

Searching the forums will help you to find a information more quickly -- and you might not have to wait for someone else to post their suggested solution.

2. Where do you post?
Next, after you're not able to find the answer to your question with the search tool (you made sure you searched the entire Forums?), go to the forum that most befits your question, and start a new topic.

3. Your topic title
Start the topic, and make sure it has a good descriptive topic title. Here are examples of topic titles NOT to use:

1. Help needed!
2. Newbie problem
3. Need some assistance
5. I have a question
6. Looking for ...
7. Winnebago
8. Towing problem

Well, you get the point. Posts with these titles are likely to be ignored, and less likely to be found when users search. So, what should your title be?

Basically a title should be the main problem or subject. For example, let's say your diesel generator is shutting down when using it for over-the-road air conditioning. It's important to use good "keywords" so everyone who reads the topic can understand what you want exactly. So, your topic title for this might be:

Diesel Generator Shuts Down While Traveling

Under the Topic Title is Topic Tags. There, you have the option to “Tag” your topic with special keywords that will help others find your topic. Tags are another way to organize topics beyond the preset categories and forums setup. On the advanced search page, you can search by tags.

4. Your question
The last thing is to state your question. Don't beat around the bush -- make it direct and easy to understand.

I hope this helps. If I've forgotten something, or if anyone needs more details, reply here or PM me.

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Yes I am a new member.  I have a question. I am beginning to shop for a new couch/bed for my Southwind class A. I am looking for a good one that you can actually sleep on. Any suggestions on a quality manufacturer?  Thanks, Ed

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