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Running Generator

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I recently had my RV hooked up to shore power at home. I usually try to run my generator on a weekly basis under load for about 30 minutes a week. When I do this I unplug the shore power. This time I started the generator while I was still on shore power. I forgot to take it off before testing. Not sure if that makes any difference as far as starting the generator. But tried to start again at a later date, and it wouldn't start. Starter went out.

Do you think my initial starting up generator while under shore power could of had any bearing on the starter gong out?


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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

Very likely unrelated. Assume you have an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). If it is working correctly, it allows only one 120 VAC power source to access the RV-- either shore power or generator. It is designed to prevent problems arising from two different 120 VAC sources.

A starting problem would more likely be in the 12 VDC system or generator itself.

Please describe exactly what happens:

1. Does the generator turn over at normal speed? Starter just click? Nothing?

2. Does it start and then die, run rough, other.

3. Runs fine but no 120 VAC to coach?

4. What generator brand and model is this?


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